Yamil Conga

Yamil Conga is a versatile musician and powerhouse who is known for exciting congas, immersive timbales and dynamic drumming. Becoming a dominant presence in the Nashville Tennessee music scene; Yamil Conga has risen to cement his place as a top Latin percussionist with flare. Utilizing his Puerto Rican roots and a relentless passion for music Yamil Conga has created his own blend of hypnotic precision with a boisterously full sound. Inspiration drawn from influences such as Santana, Ricky Martin and La Fania All Stars along with a musical bloodline have given Yamil Conga the “IT” factor. The son of a Salsa writer, singer and composer Eladio Jimenez; Yamil Conga has grown to become engaging, powerful, entertaining and a natural performer. This unique musician has a very full range weather it is salsa, pop, top 40’s, country, rock or jazz Yamil Conga fully enhances the sound to make it his own. Yamil Conga has toured with various bands and now plays for Joseph Wooten, Kevin Mac, Dj Maj, Nashville Latin Allstars, Roots of Rhythm, Alison Brazil and Lalo Davila. Yamil Conga also does accompaniment for the Austin Peay dance team adding significantly to the curriculum and performance of the dancers. Yamil Conga is a very well rounded and experienced musician.

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Nashville, TN


 Americana, Jazz, Blues,R&B, Pop, Country, Top 40's; Salsa (Latin)

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